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Framed Photos Out, Printed Panels In

If you walk into one of the few remaining photo specialty retailers – or what most of us might still call a photo shop – you’ll see tons of frames for sale.  Frames make the photo in many ways.  And they help the shop sell prints, which is becoming an ever-rarer event.

Folks walk into our studio fairly frequently, asking if we sell frames.  No, no we don’t.  But we do sell these cool metal prints, that have easel backs (that little kick stand for the desk top) or shadow blocks A shadow block is a wooden square (I haven’t been called that since junior high, at least not to my face) that hides behind the aluminum.  The block has a slot for the nail or hook on the wall, and also serves to hold the aluminum off the wall, so it casts a shadow.

We also sell these nice Chromaluxe panels.  Our client is holding one here, a 6×6″ panel, which sells for $24.95.  They have a glossy white surface, which is attached to a wooden back, and in integrated easel back (aka kickstand).

When folks see the metal and Chromaluxe in our store, they like the interesting look.  But after a while, it occurred to me that we were taking what used to be a three step process, and making it into one.  Before, you had to print the photo, buy the frame, and then put the photo in the frame.

Now, our client just uploads or brings in a photo, and in as little as an hour, they have one of these touching, durable, tasteful gifts.

Yes, it’s a bunch of sales talk, but it’s also true: these things are nice gifts, they are convenient, and are reasonably priced.

This photo is just darling.  It’s a safe bet the gift was a big hit, and our customer enjoyed a nice helping of gratitude from the recipient.

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  • “The yearbooks are amazing.  The parents love them and I’m getting videos of the kids thanking me.  So, thank you again.  You guys did an amazing job.”

    Santa Monica

    “The Canvas is already hung on the wall in the space where I practice belly dance at home. It has its own wall, heh heh. You can’t miss it! Friends and family walk by and will just stop dead in their tracks and stare at it.”


    “I walk in here worried about some photo problem, and always leave happy!  You guys are so good at this!”

    E., Working on Wedding Book
    San Francisco

    Josh, What you have made available to me is remarkable. I have not viewed any VHS in 15 years. A large percentage of the loved ones & friends in my tapes are gone. These tapes capture some of the years of my life I was the happiest I’ve have known. Experienced full range of emotions including laughing out loud […]

    Dale, San Francisco

    Oh my gosh.  I finally looked at the tape you transcribed to DVD of Michael in his first 8 months.  I have never seen this footage before. It was mind-blowing. I was glued to my computer for 2 hours! So I found some more tapes. I clearly need to bring in the rest. Thanks Katheryn.

    Charlotte, Oakland

    Thanks again and so you know, you and your staff are so incredibly gracious, and the customer service that each of you offers is so sincere and spectacular. The custom calendars have been a hit across the company, THANK YOU!

    Leslie, Kimpton Hotels and Resorts, San Francisco

    Thanks so much for all you did to put the book together, and make it look so great! My parents were extremely touched, and were very impressed with the work on the book.

    Debbie, Boston

    My wife thinks I’m a hero for putting our China trip book together in time for Christmas. Little does she know how easy it was.

    Steve, San Francisco

    I used my Memento Book to propose to Naomi– and she accepted! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great work from long distance, and thanks for rushing the job. The next time we’re in San Francisco, I will bring Naomi by to say “Hi!”

    Paul, Santa Monica

    Our mother loved her book. We gave it to her as a family. She kept it by her bed until the day she passed away. We wouldn’t have gotten it done in time without you guys!

    Jennifer, Newport Beach

    It was the best gift I ever gave. It was easy, and it cost less than some other gifts I’ve given that had less impact. 

    Linda, Palo Alto