1. Besides your lovely photos (my fave is the last one), I really enjoyed your backstory. I could almost see the 747/Columbia flying along the beach. I bet you took a photo of it — now lost in some old scrapbook!

  2. Notice the vertical stabilizers on the rear wings. They are not on a regular 747-400. Must be because of the exptra weight on top.

  3. Hi Josh-Just had a chance to look at the shuttle shots. They’re terrific. What a good vantage point at the bridge! Just before we left for the summer ,NASA announced the shuttle going to NYC was going to do a fly by over the beaches as far as Satellite beach. A neighbor and I raced to our beach near the house only to see very low lying clouds. It seemed like we would see nothing. Suddenly a bright light appeared coming thru the clouds. Instead of turning at Satellite Beach it kept coming south. We were yelling, “Keep coming. Keep coming!” And in a beautiful, spectacular , move it turned right in front of us and was off to NY. Know how you must have felt-this was a part of our history. Priscilla

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